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An Insider’s Guide to the Texas Hills

It is interesting to look back and see just how right on we really were. In the years since we first publishedThe Insider’s Guide to the Texas Hills, Fredericksburg has completed its metamorphosis from an old rock-rimmed German agricultural community into a chic and prosperous new age tourist destination. The Hill County in general is thriving, yet still manages to stay true to its cultural roots. These were the issues that we tackled in our publication. Back in 1990 when we published The Texas Wine Journal we told our readers how to find the seven wineries nestled among the hills. Now there are about fifty wineries vying for the aficionados who flock here to imbibe. Ranchers were angry with us when we published maps to the most scenic wildflower routes because they drew minivans full of citified flower peepers to their solemn Farm-to-Market roads. Those ranchers were right too, because the routes have been paved and those sacred carpets of bluebonnets replaced by subdivisions with at least one minivan in every driveway.

So we have changed as much as we have stayed the same. Where are the Insiders now…and what do they have to say?

An Insider’s Guide to the Texas Hills was published biannually by South Star Publishing from 1990 to 1993

The Insiders
Marc Hess, Publisher
Phil Houseal, Editor-in-Chief
Marc Bennett, Fine Photography
Ben Beckendorf, Pen & Ink Illustrator
Brad Whitten, Editor at Large 
Monte Mohan, Editor at Large
Sarah Jane English, Editor of The Texas Wine Journal
Howard London, Exotics Editor 
Pat DiCuffa, Editorial Assistant  

Larry Hodge
John Louis Rebast
April Goldsmith, The Hill Country Gourmet
Claudia Sullivan
Judy Barrett
Lawrence Walker
Kitti Focke
Bill Smallwood
Mary Beth Gradziel
O.C. Garza
Dr Robert W Johnson
Judith Glasscock
Jason Roberts, Cover Illustrator
Rich Robinson

Layout and Composition:
Yoli Thompson, Yoli Graphic Design 
Bob Brown, Newsstand Distribution
Kay Evans and Doug Hilss, Hart-Hanks Graphics, Color & Offset Preparation