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SAIL magazine, July 2017 issue
“Extreme Cruising: Dodging Tides and Typhoons in the Pacific Northwest”
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SIERRA, The National Magazine of the Sierra Club, May, 2017
“Tracing the Spine of the South Pacific”
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 TEN WEST LIVING MAGAZINE, July/August 2017 Issue
“Texas Super Stars and a Summer Full of Landscape Color”
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About Me?

MARC HESS has lived in Fredericksburg long enough to see that old, rock-rimmed German farming community morph into a chic, new-age tourist destination.

Raised in Hawai’i and educated in the Northeast, Marc has held publisher-level roles with iconic titles such as The Old Farmer’s Almanac, Yankee, Aloha, and Alaska Magazine. He also serves/ed as editor of such obscure titles as Schutzhund USA and Gardening South Texas. As founding publisher of The Insider’s Guide to the Texas Hills, Marc lead a talented editorial team that dug into the soul of this recently discovered region and contributed to the early development of the tourist industry there.